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Disgusting wax art about consumerism

Though not many will admit it, we all know deep down that we are primarily shaped by what we wear and what we own. And though it shouldn’t be the case, I know that the first thing I judge someone on is appearance. London-based sculptor Andrea Hasler is well aware of that human tendency.

In her grotesque wax sculpture series, Burdens of Excess, she replaces lovely designer bags with rotting mounds of flesh. The meat represents us, the “buyer”, as her fancy shoes shape it and hold the meat together. The message is clear: we are what we buy, literally. Hasler does a wonderful job of making consumerism very unappealing as the viewer is forced to consider their own bodies being branded and sold.


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Annie is a graphic design ace who has designed and manufactured handmade jeans, tried her hand as a barber, and even masqueraded as a concert level pianist. Don’t be shy. Say hello!

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