Featured Image for Punjammies: gives hope to Indian women freed from sex trafficking

Punjammies: gives hope to Indian women freed from sex trafficking

I love the inspirational story behind this stylish pajama company, it makes me feel like there are still genuinely good people in the world. Punjammies is more than just a comfy pajama manufacturer. It’s a means of empowering Indian women who have been rescued from forced prostitution. Instead of just rescuing the girls and then leaving them helpless to the judgement of society, Punjammies provides an after-care center.

There, the women are given medical help, emotional safety, and education in a craft to help them support themselves. The girls are learning to sew and work as a team. They are learning to be self-confident and trust themselves and others. Punjammies is more than just wearing pajamas. It’s wearing hope.

PUNJAMMIES™ Spring Line Sheet

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