Featured Image for LuLu: an App for women to gossip about men

LuLu: an App for women to gossip about men

LuLu encourages women to objectify men. This “girls only” app let’s women anonymously gossip about the men in their lives. Girls can sign up and then begin rating guys they know via Facebook. It’s a third space for women to comment on men and stalk their profiles hardcore. It’s a place to keep up with ex’s, stay up to date on current crushes, and see who’s hot on the market by checking which guy’s profiles get the most favorites.

Ladies can even ask and answer poll questions about specific guys to gage what the other girls have to say about a dude’s ambition, kissing skills, or whatever other burning questions they have. And did I mention the killer hashtags flying around on that app? #Big Feet, #One Woman Man, #Obsessed With His Mom, #Napoleon Complex and more. Come on ladies, do you really have nothing better to do?


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