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Bryan Cunningham makes art with pop tops

Next time you open a can of coke and throw away the pop tops, spare a thought for Bryan Cunningham who collects hundreds of them to make these amazing pieces on canvas that are held on and stretched using them. You can see an inspiration drawn from his hometown of New Orleans as he uses his skills in painting, silk screening and wood crafting to create unique mixed media assemblages.

Paintings inspired by ‘sensational advertising, those ads in the back pages of comic books promising X-ray vision and he-man strength; sideshow banners depicting nature’s grotesque mistakes; and the mail order hoodoo spells and powders guaranteed to rid you of your enemies.’ Like to collect some for him?

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About the author

A love of traveling, art, and denim saw this Brit native mix them all up. The result was art crafted from denim and a new home in Sweden. Even though he once lived in Australia and never rode a wave, Denimu is only slightly better with a keyboard and likes to write about the things he has seen on his travels and the people he meets along the way.

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