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Day2Night Heels: Transformer Fashion

I’ve seen beautiful women’s ankles bleed. Let’s face it. High heels can be the most empowering fashion statement for a woman while simultaneously being the most crippling. Ladies, I’ve seen you wearing ugly tennis shows with your dresses on the commute to work. Adapt or die, right? Survival of the fittest. But what if you could wear one pair of shoes for the whole day without breaking your back or your ankles?

It’s time to invest in these classy Day2Night transforming heels. Choose between 5 different sizes, ranging from kitten heel to sky high. They’re a modern woman’s dream!


About the author

Annie is a graphic design ace who has designed and manufactured handmade jeans, tried her hand as a barber, and even masqueraded as a concert level pianist. Don’t be shy. Say hello!

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