by Low Lai Chow in Tech on Wednesday 24 April 2013

Are you a closet drummer? To complicate things, are you a closet drummer who drives? Smack Attack by Palo Alto-based builder G-Man (or Gregor Hanuschak) will let you drum wirelessly with any song on your iPhone or iTunes music library.

Simply put on the Smack Attack steering wheel cover (yes, it fits any steering wheel), play the tune on your car speakers on iTunes when you start the iPhone app, and smack away.

The wheel has eight different sensors which correspond to different drum sounds; simply whack any color-coded sensor and hear a different corresponding sound. If you like, you can even opt to do solo drumming sans music. The Smack Attack website has songs with all drum sounds removed, so you can engage in some sort of drum karaoke on the road.

To sweeten its Kickstarter deal, the Simeone Automotive Museum in Philadelphia has chipped in with posters and cases of rare exotic cars to carry the covers in. Still, the car’s sold separately, though — so now we’ll need to think about getting a car in the first place. Darn.