by Low Lai Chow in New Events on Tuesday 23 April 2013

A guy working as an immigration officer for Stansted Airport Border Force recently quit by handing in a cake that had a resignation note scribbled with what looked like chocolate frosting. The 10” x 12” passion cake (which is a spiced carrot cake with pecans, sultanas and coconut in it) is a fittingly elaborate farewell gift, considering that he’s leaving to set up his own cake business.

The Guardian reported that apparently no orders have rolled in yet for resignation cakes. Hey, only time will tell if this way of saying sweet goodbye to your job will become a trend.

UPDATE: Here’s a teaser from our exclusive interview with Mr. Cake. [read the full interview here]

Where on earth did you get the idea to create a resignation letter … on a cake?!

The idea to write my resignation letter on a cake came to me in a dream, about six months before I actually resigned. My contract just said I had to give written notice, but didn’t say I had to use paper, and as I was leaving to start a cake company it just seemed like a fitting and fun way to do it.