by Low Lai Chow in Tech on Tuesday 23 April 2013

Ooh, kinky. If ordinary vibrators don’t quite cut it for you, maybe the world’s first sonic vibrator will. Developed by a Seattle-based technology company after two years of R&D, the Revel Body sonic vibrator zaps down common complaints from vibrator users — such as loud noises, dubious reliability, poor battery life — and, yes, goes not one up, but triples up by offering three times the vibration range of standard battery-powered vibrators currently out in the market.

The Revel Body’s TrueSonic motor will run on 50% more power and 200% greater sensation range. Plus, it also promises to be discreet with 90% less self-pleasuring noise than the vibrator-next-door. As Guy Kawasaki tweeted: ‘If Apple made a vibrator, this would be it’. The Revel Body is slated to ship in June 2013 to supporters of its Indiegogo bid.