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Boy with muscular dystrophy leads normal life in photo series

Wow. To cheer up a 12-year-old boy who has muscular dystrophy and has to steer away from most physical activities, Slovenian photographer-psychologist Matej Peljhan shot a photo series of him doing what he wished he could: play basketball, swim, breakdance break dance, swim and even fly thanks to a red balloon. Looking at these pictures, I think Peljhan just cheered up the rest of us too.

UPDATE: Here’s a little teaser from an interview we did recently with Matej Peljhan. [read the exclusive interview here]

Tell us the background to ‘The Little Prince’ series?

I am a clinical psychologist and I work at a center for education and rehabilitation dedicated to children with special needs. Luka is a 12 year boy with muscular dystrophy who visits a school in our center. He is physically very weak, but mentally is very creative and full of ideas. He can hold a fluomaster in his hand and loves to draw on small sheets of paper. During one of our conversations he said he wanted to see photos of himself, where he would walk and do other things that he cannot do in real life. I could have used computer montage and Photoshop, but I found these too cheap and artificial. I wanted a simple yet humorous approach that touches the viewer emotionally, but doesn’t feel pathetic. We found an appropriate room where I could stand about 3 meters above ground in order to be able to take the photos. We got the props we needed for the photographs and also had help from a physiotherapist. There were four shootings. Our experience was very pleasant, it wasn’t difficult, we had a lot of fun.

Matej Peljhan (1)
Matej Peljhan (3)
Matej Peljhan (4)
Matej Peljhan (6)

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