Featured Image for The Eye of Sauron desk lamp will set you to work immediately

The Eye of Sauron desk lamp will set you to work immediately

Need a bit of focus while working at your desk? Try the Eye of Sauron fortress desk lamp, which will loom over you and give you the evil eye all the time. Inspired by Richard Taylor’s fortress design as seen in the Tolkien’s The Lord of the Ring movie trilogy, David Tremont downsized the menacing presence just short of 21 inches so its sinister base can be plonked comfortably on any desk.

It is sculpted from polystone, coated with a protective layer of polyurethane, handpainted and even has cutting-edge LED technology, unlike what you’d ordinarily find in Middle-earth. Hopefully this makes you work faster, just so you can escape the roving glare of all that dark energy scheming to sap your life away.

Sauron (2)
Sauron (3)

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