Featured Image for SPONSORED: Australia’s SBS 2, a new home for the ‘thinking 30 somethings’

SPONSORED: Australia’s SBS 2, a new home for the ‘thinking 30 somethings’

With an agenda to push the boundaries and bring a younger voice to Australian TV, SBS 2 launched this week and looks set to unleash a unique perspective on edgy culture and comedy, travel and sports. This is a very welcome addition to Australian television, offering viewers ‘free-to-air and Australian premiere content including the channel’s first commissioned program’, The Feed, which will provide a fresh take on breaking news stories at 7.30pm and 8:30pm daily – stay tuned for the full show in late May. We’re also particularly buzzed about four shows that SBS 2 are going to be screening:

* Community: a cult comedy reminiscent of Arrested Development and Parks & Recreation and starring the inimitable Chevy Chase
* Russell Howard’s Good News: stand up comedy meets Letterman meets Colbert. Yes, we’re intrigued too.
* Don’t Tell My Mother: a fun travelogue set in dangerous places around the world and digging deep for the hidden treasures of the cities uncovered.
* Graffiti Wars: A documentary about street graff that features Banksy, airing April 4th. Yup, that’s right, Banksy himself – don’t miss it!

Check out some trailers below from these shows and check out SBS 2. After all, it’s for ‘thinking 30 somethings’, just like us. Right? Right!

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