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Cheap healthy eats from The Vegan Stoner website

Stoners can be innovative, but it’s often restricted to figuring how to make a pipe out of whatever’s on hand. For those with a healthier bent, there is The Vegan Stoner. If you want to eat well and do it cheaply, this is the resource for you. I often don’t have time to cook as good a meal as I’d like, but TVS gives you options using canned and frozen stuff, which takes almost no time. Each recipe is accompanied by fun illustrations (of baked vegetables) reminiscent of hippie cookbooks, so you have something to stare at after you find you have a lot of time left over.


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Erik P. Kraft is an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. He draws the comics Chicken, You’re The Greatest! (which is not actually about chickens) and Cats In The Alley, and writes the blog/narrates the podcast Too Many Chickens! (which actually is about chickens).

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