by The Urban Grocer in Cool Travel on Thursday 21 March 2013

Step into most Mexican taquerías and sophisticated is not the first word that comes to mind. Delicious? More often than not. But taquerías are indoor/ outdoor spaces where the smell of pork roasting on a spit and plastic cups of hotter-than-thou salsas count as ambience. Taquería Canalla in San Pedro, just outside Monterrey, is looking to defy that rule. At this Mexican taquería, the interior is contemporary and sleek. The work of Manifesto Futura, the minimalist design is refined and understated.

There are the requisite high stools at communal tables, but all are crafted from raw, bright wood and boast clean lines. And those salsas? They’re tucked away in uber-stylish numbered bottles with tight typography that reminds us more of premium spirits than fresh sauces.