Featured Image for Autobiography by the frontman of The Eels

Autobiography by the frontman of The Eels

One of my favorite contemporary artists and songwriters, Mark Oliver Everett, also known as Eels or ‘E’, has released an eye-opening autobiography and he doesn’t want to bore you with shit that doesn’t matter. He’s completely honest and it’s an amazing experience to get the full story about his family, his depressive whereabouts and the tragic loss of all his loved ones continuously dying, covered up in the story of a wry and exceptional artist.

It’s a captivating story no matter if you’re into music or not because it’s so straight to the bone about life in general. Eels has been called ‘Kurt Vonnegut jr. of music’ in several reviews and Pete Townshend’s cover blurb says: ‘One of the best books ever written by a contemporary artist’. I agree.

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