Featured Image for From the LAEM Store: The-Affair’s The Mighty Dub Print

From the LAEM Store: The-Affair’s The Mighty Dub Print

The beauty of everything from The-Affair, a London-based design studio with a penchant for literary themes, is their ability to completely transform words (even those books we all hated in school!) into incredible graphics. Take the Mighty Dub print. Admittedly at first – and second and third – glance, this looks like your standard music print. Take a deeper dive, though, and one realizes this design pulls influence quite cleverly from Gibson’s ‘Neuromancer’. The-Affair’s great design obliterates the concept of ‘book nerd’ and makes literature and being in the know cool. The Mighty Dub poster is now available in limited quantities in the Lost At E Minor store.

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