Featured Image for KickStarter for a Ricky Watts Mural in Petaluma, California

KickStarter for a Ricky Watts Mural in Petaluma, California

Ricky Watts is asking for help in the creation of his biggest project to date. Watts has done many murals, but this one is special. Firstly, at five stories, if completed, it will be his biggest. Coincidentally, it will also be the largest mural of any kind in Petaluma.

But the biggest factor is that it will be on the back of the Phoenix Theater, a place Watts grew up hanging out in and where his early artistic endeavors were supported. Watts is a great example of what the Phoenix Theater does for kids in the Bay Area and he wants to give back. Any amount will help make the Phoenix Theater and Petaluma something beautiful to look at and a reminder of what of kids can do if we support their dreams.

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