Featured Image for Cry on demand? In Taiwan, that’s what professional mourners do

Cry on demand? In Taiwan, that’s what professional mourners do

In Taiwan, Chinese customs dictate a ceremonious funeral for the deceased to cross smoothly into the afterlife. BBC recently offered a fascinating look at the life of a professional mourner who makes her living from crying and grieving at these funerals. Liu Jun-Lin, whose grandmother and mother were both professional mourners, was pulled into the family trade at the young age of 11. Explaining the demand for her services, Liu said, ‘When a loved one dies, you grieve so much that when it finally comes time for the funeral, you don’t have any tears left.’ Her performance fee goes up to US$600 and includes wailing lines like ‘My dear father, your daughter misses you so much! Please, please come back!’ Sounds like a tough job.

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