Featured Image for Moody work by London-based artist Jonny Burt

Moody work by London-based artist Jonny Burt

London-based artist Jonny Burt produces unapologetically controversial subjects in his art as a statement to a ‘schizophrenic society with a serious identity crisis’. Manifesting from feelings of despair and resentment towards the dehumanising effects of a culture defined by reality shows and the gross sexualisation of its youth, his work offers a satirical examination of fractured identity in a culture where the relentless pursuit for fame becomes aligned with an ominous sense of looming mortality.

The subjects in his work often feature young children, not only to suggest who the true victims are, but also to expose our own regressive and dependent condition induced by the alienating distractions of a mediatised and commodified existence. His work has already been praised for its fine craftsmanship and raw honesty, which have earned him plently of opportunities already including his recent commission by the BBC to design the poster for new film, ‘Rose, Mary & Time’ and various forthcoming collaborations with fashion designers including Sons of Heroes.


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