Hamzi Hama, 27 year old FSA fighter says: “All I can carry is my weapon and the clothes I wear, whe are always moving from one front-line to another, I dont have time for other belongings, I dont carry my wallet enaymore, what can I buy?…”
As the fight between the soldiers loyal to the regime and the members of the Free Syrian Army intensifies along the front lines of the besieged city of Aleppo, a selected group of rebel poses in front of the camera and answers one question: “What do you carry?”.They have entered the highly contested area of Ramussen, one of Aleppo’s regime controlled neighborhoods, to fight against a fully equipped Syrian tank battalion. On the first day of their mission, they have lost two men and have had four injuries. Hidden in the basement of a abandoned factory building they wait for resupplies and more fighters.

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