Featured Image for Hetarrest Huis: a renovated prison turned luxury hotel in the Netherlands

Hetarrest Huis: a renovated prison turned luxury hotel in the Netherlands

Tired of the typical, cliched vacations? Do you want to have a story to top everyone else’s in your office? If so, I humbly suggest booking a relaxing week in prison. Hetarrest Huis is an old renovated prison turned luxury hotel in the Netherlands. The clean, modern design mixed with funky lighting and tongue-in-cheek striped patterns makes this hotel the poshest place to vacation. And if the promise of luxury and gorgeous decor doesn’t seal the deal for you, let me just take a moment to to mention the food. Let’s just say you won’t be put on a bread and water diet with Chef Raoul Bijlmakers in charge of the culinary excellence at this establishment.


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