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Turn any bottle into an off-grid cell phone charger

A group of designers in Nairobi, Kenya, have created a cell phone charger that is completely off the grid. By way of an ordinary plastic bottle, boiling water, and a miniature Blackbeard Unidirectional Constant Turbine, the boiling water will charge any cell phone for about 30 minutes before it gets cold. This unique piece of technology is compared to “Justin Bieber and Kenny Rodgers doing a song together, being a challenge but not impossible”.

This gadget was created with the intent to aid those in underdeveloped countries, as most of the 200 million cell phone users in Africa do not have access to electricity at home. If you’re interested in helping to fund this project, visit their Indiegogo campaign page to show your support.


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Rebekah is a graphic design student living in South Carolina obsessed with all things design, technology, and J. Crew. When she’s not frantically working on projects for class, you can usually find her drinking large amounts of coffee with her laptop close beside.

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