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Classical art sculptures dissected as flesh

Beijing-based artist Cao Hui has spilt the guts out from a sofa, opened up a suitcase to reveal even more gory offal… and now he’s constructed what looks like ancient classical art (you know, these life-like busts that stare bleakly into nothing) and sliced them up into multiple slabs to reveal what looks like raw meat. Relax, it’s really resin. I’d like to see these neatly butchered cuts make their way into the frozen meat section of my local supermarket.

Cao Hui (1)
Cao Hui (2)
Cao Hui (3)
Cao Hui (4)
Cao Hui (5)
Cao Hui (7)
Cao Hui (8)
Cao Hui (9)
Cao Hui (10)

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