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Poop Lamp by Diana Dumitrescu

Why get someone a crappy gift when you can get them the Poop Lamp? This silly, colourful and clever concept designed by Romanian artist Diana Dumitrescu works brilliantly to attract the attention of anyone in any setting. Whether at home or in an office, the small lighting fixture serves to illuminate and transform a boring area into a humorous production. Who doesn’t want incandescent poop on their desk?

Diana Dumitrescu 2
Diana Dumitrescu
Diana Dumitrescu 4
Diana Dumitrescu 5

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Though residing in the renowned tourist spot of fancy lights and buildings, Las Vegas, should be interesting, Demi knows it’s just another ordinary home with frustrating, forever-shifting weather. Meanwhile, she tries to find a caprice of clear senses. She might blog about it all at DesignCube or simply rest her eyes within the phosphenes.

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