Featured Image for Stunning watercolors from San Francisco-based tattoo artist Nick Chaboya

Stunning watercolors from San Francisco-based tattoo artist Nick Chaboya

Nick Chaboya is a well-known San Francisco-based tattoo artist who is involved in numerous creative endeavors outside the realm of tattooing. Raking Light Projects recently produced a triptych of Chaboya’s works titled Fruit of Thy Womb, Flower of Life and Special Spirit. Originally created with watercolor on paper, they are available on rakinglightprojects.com as limited edition, digital composite prints.

The visual treatment of these works is inspired by nineteenth century medical and biological prints in which scientists of the era conducted detailed drawings of their subject matter, often bifurcated and delineated in an effort to reveal new truths about the nature of life. Chaboya treats the pomegranate as a representation of the mystery of the lifecycle while also shedding light on the possibilities that surround the process of rebirth and renewal.


About the author

Andrew is the co-founder of Raking Light Projects, a publisher of collectible prints created by skilled tattoo artists. He lives in North Boulder, CO.

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