by Cormack O'Connor in Cool Websites on Friday 25 January 2013

Bogans: that’s the Australian equivalent of Rednecks or Hoosiers in the US and Chavs in the UK, for all you playing along at home. Yes, the once simple Bogan that loved wife beaters, flannelettes, VB beer, utes and mullets has now moved into a new and modern realm where disguises such as designer clothes and expensive homes may trick people into thinking that the Bogan is, in fact, dead. Things Bogans Like presents a great list of tell tale signs for you to be aware of the next time you see someone you suspect to be a Bogan; ruining music festivals, Buddhist Iconography as home furnishings and cheap petrol are all on the list. The site even provides a list of names you may find Bogans and their children sporting. A very handy tool indeed.