Featured Image for This virtual hugging ring connects loved ones over long distances

This virtual hugging ring connects loved ones over long distances

The latest development over at Mixed Reality Lab is RingU, the ‘world’s first tele-hug ring’ that connects loved ones over long distances. When one user hugs his ring, the touch sense is digitally sent to the paired ring, which then replicates the sensation. This is done via Bluetooth 4.0 on both users’ smartphones. We dig that it’s not some random finger squeeze too: the rings can send and receive the Mini-Hug (short squeeze), the Intense Hug (long squeeze), and Urgent Hug (a series of hugs). Plus there’s a complementary private social network for the two of you to transmit messages, photos, videos with the hug.

RingU (1)
RingU (3)
RingU (4)
RingU (5)

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