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Record Revirginizer: Make your vinyl shine

So you’ve just picked up a seemingly great looking, original press of Lou Reed’s Rock and Roll Animal. You take it home and place down the needle with intense excitement only to find it sounds not very good at all. Your problem – dirt in the grooves. We’ve all been there and we’ve all tried to fix it; did someone say wood glue? Before you go glue shopping, you should probably take a look at this suave little Australian invention. Record Revirginizer is an anti-static substance that you simply rub into your LP’s, let set and peel away (with all that nasty dirt). Who wouldn’t want to play with blue goop?

About the author

Cormack is a Melbourne based freelance writer and photographer. He loves to travel, drink red wine, and spin records. On the weekends you’ll most likely find him eating pork buns or shaking up cocktails for his friends.

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