SPONSORED: Logitech’s UE Mobile Boombox

Even though it’s compact in size, the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox knows how to make an impression. Feeling exceptionally light, I decided to weigh the Boombox in and it tipped the scales at a tiny 300 grams. With a battery life of 10 hours, the quality of sound it provides across a range of musical genres is exceptional for it’s size (we ran everything from Sonic Youth to City and Colour through it). Like the big brother (the Logitech UE Boombox) the Bluetooth connectivity lets the office DJs control the sound from a range of devices.

The feature that really impressed us all was the ability of the Boombox to double as a speakerphone. The sound it produces is crystal clear and the compactness of the device has completely changed our conference calls with our Sydney office. Instead of all having to hover around a phone we can now chuck the Boombox to each other while still being able to hear exactly what’s going on even if we’re on the other side of the office.

The Boombox feels great in hand; a beautifully textured speaker grill, indented buttons and a grippy exterior that makes the Boombox stick on and stay with you wherever you decide to place it…

About the author

Cormack is a young writer/photographer from Newcastle who shot his first music festival at age fifteen. When he’s not writing or photographing, you’ll find him stumbling around gigs in Sydney and Newcastle or soaking up culture and coffee in Melbourne.