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Race in a marathon without actually running

Okay, hands up, all you bums who want to complete a marathon without actually getting up from your bed. Seen via Wired: Orlando-based outfit Ridiculo.us is faking a marathon, and you can run in it if you want to.

It’s called Run Free 2012, and it’s happening on 2 Feb 2013. They will take care of everything and have ‘all the trappings of a real marathon – race banners, race t-shirts, race medals, race sponsors, race bibs, a race program‘ — even make it easy for you to fake pictures and check-ins on social media without actually having to run an actual race. Sounds pretty fine to us. There’s not much time till its time on Kickstarter is up, so make it fast if you want to get your hard-yarned bragging rights for partaking in ‘the greatest race that never was’.

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