by Cheyenne Tulsa in New Fashion on Thursday 29 November 2012

Alec Weitl, a 19 year-old cat lover from Seattle, is the imagination behind the amazing Tumblr, Sexy Sweaters. A year after he dropped out of university , Weitl turned his love of trolling Tumblr pages into designs for sweaters: from Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber headshots to close-ups of money, pizza, a drunk Lindsey Lohan and King Tut.

The images attracted 100,000 likes within the first few days but what’s extraodinary is that nome of the sweaters actually exists. A true product of the social media age, they are virtual, available only as images. Which is not to say Weitl isn’t thinking about about putting Sexy Sweaters into production. A collaboration with Paul Rowland at Ford Models, scouting out manufactures in Russia and China, and rumours of Nicola Formichetti as a potential backer are all signs that we could get our hands on the ‘sexiest sweaters in the whole fuckin’ world’ very soon.