Our Lives: new music by David Thomas Jones

David Thomas Jones, leader of the Austin rock troop Watch Out For Rockets, decided to go rogue for a few moments and do a solo record. His role in Watch Out For Rockets already entails most of the writing, recording and playing of instruments on said recordings, which have all been captured on a Tascam 4-track cassette machine. Jones, admittedly, isn’t too good with gadgetry. However, his songwriting prowess is a mean machine. Jones stepped into a real studio for his first solo EP, entitled Comfort Creatures. The 7 songs on this 24-minute mini-masterpiece cover styles ranging from rock, folk, psychy pop and even some fancy danciness. Keep an eye and ear on David Thomas Jones, the Austin, TX 3-name-man-machine of music. And it officially releases today.

About the author

Abandoned by his family as an infant, Jonathan was left on a doorstep in Romania and raised by other orphans on a steady diet of moldy bread and aurolac. He found his way to the states in the mid-80s and founded several underground publications such as Sports Illustrated and People magazine at the age of 11. Jonathan now lives in Austin with a bunch of other hip, white people.

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