by Mareike Muller in New Art on Monday 12 November 2012

The techniques Australian artist Kate Shaw is using to create her wonderful works are pretty unique: first, she pours skins of acrylic paint and lets them form naturally; then she looks for landscapes within these abstract forms to cut and reassemble. The outcome are collages that remind you of natural landscapes, showing trees, mountains and lakes, but still giving you a surreal sensation. ‘This is not from this world’.

UPDATE: Here’s a neat teaser from an interview we did with the talented artist. Check out the full interview to find out Kate Shaw’s creative process and favorite places in Australia!

Are there any specific influences that made you realize you wanted to focus on nature and landscapes as your subjects? 
A visit to Central Australia in 2004 really helped me coalesce ideas about the materiality of paint and how this could connect with the material world through landscape. The sedimentary layers of rocks literally looked like the paint I was playing around with in my studio, and it started from there.