Featured Image for Literature vs Traffic: 10,000 books fill the streets of Melbourne

Literature vs Traffic: 10,000 books fill the streets of Melbourne

Welcome to a book lover’s paradise. The streets of Melbourne have been installed with 10,000 discarded books, overflowing and filling in empty public spaces with pure, serene literature. The lovely pages were lit up with LEDs to create a scene for the modest power of the written word. On the last night of the one-month installation, visitors were offered to take home the overflowing books, and even some passerby cars were gifted with these. This ephemeral installation, by Luzinterruptus, reflects the wonder of books and its grand balance of words and imagination.

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Though residing in the renowned tourist spot of fancy lights and buildings, Las Vegas, should be interesting, Demi knows it’s just another ordinary home with frustrating, forever-shifting weather. Meanwhile, she tries to find a caprice of clear senses. She might blog about it all at DesignCube or simply rest her eyes within the phosphenes.

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