Featured Image for Jackie Hoysted’s Minimally Charged art series

Jackie Hoysted’s Minimally Charged art series

Jackie Hoysted is an Irish-born artist who has been living in the US for fifteen years and working in a number of different media, including encaustic and ceramics. Over the past year, she has concentrated on painting, with stunning results. Her show in early 2012 at Washington, DC’s Gallery 555, called Girls – Nice Doesn’t Cut It, introduced art lovers to a tough bunch of young women. The show of large-scale portraits depicted determined-looking, serious women, many named after legendary heroines. As Hoysted told the Huffington Post: ‘I feel that girls are brought up to be nice and liked and that holds them back from being the most successful people they can be’.

An upcoming show of Hoysted’s work at Pittsburgh’s BoxHeart Gallery consists of some of the paintings from Girls, along with other works on paper. These pieces combine minimalist backgrounds with an almost expressionist style to the faces in order to focus on the facial expressions, which ‘exude mental strength’. Hoysted’s exhibit, Minimally Charged, runs from October 30 – November 24, 2012 at the BoxHeart Gallery.

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