Featured Image for Bike Sampa: a sustainable transport project in São Paulo

Bike Sampa: a sustainable transport project in São Paulo

Bike Sampa is a sustainable project in São Paulo City. You pay a one time fee of R$10 reais (around US$5) for a bike pass, then you can have 30 minute free rides, everyday, as many times you want, with 15 minute intervals from one ride to the other. The bikes are spread all over town in strategic locations, resulting in a partial solution to São Paulo’s chronic traffic problem. If you don’t have a car, it’s a great option instead of taking a cab, which is quite expensive, or the bus, which is generally packed.

About the author

Didu is a fine art painter, curator and musician, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, but who has also lived a long time in Los Angeles, where he’s back and forth all the time. His own work reflects his personality: simple, clear and direct, from Japanese traditional paintings with acrylic ink and sand, to pointillism and airbrush.

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