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BikeBoat lets you row and ride without getting out

Sure, they’re all ‘This is no longer a dream, with this new type of transportation, the possibilities are endless with the bikeboat!’, but the BikeBoat is still undergoing testing, which means no one has their eager hands on it yet. What it is? Well, it’s basically an amphibious vehicle tipping the scales at slightly over 60 lbs with a light aluminum frame and stainless steel hardware. On water, you can row it using the inbuilt oars like you do with a boat. On land, you can pedal forth like you do on a recumbent bike. The boat is detachable too. Could this be the new biathlon? It all seems very confusing, but marvelous.

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Low Lai Chow travels light and is working on exercising demons from her past. Find out more about her at lowlaichow.com.

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