by Cheyenne Tulsa in New Art on Friday 19 October 2012

Fred Le Chevalier started posting photos of his work on MySpace in early 2000. Now more than 3000 of his collages can be found all over the stone walls of Paris’s Montmartre, Belleville, and Le Marais districts, as well as in his hometown, the mecca of bande dessinée, Angouleme. ‘Putting my drawings on the walls of the city is the only way to share and to talk with all the people, he said in an interview with Street Art Paris.

‘We walk very fast in Paris … we don’t always have time but sometimes when you see something on the wall you can stop for one second or for ten seconds and slow down … I like this kind of poetry on the street’. The street artist has certainly captured the French public’s imagination. Last year, his first-ever solo gallery show at Le Houle Oups sold out in under an hour. Le Chevalier is also part of the Street Art Without Borders project, so his paintings can be found on the streets of Germany, Denmark, Brazil and Tokyo.