The Prodigy’s music recreated using Ableton Live in 10 minutes

If you remember the 90s, then you’ll definitely remember the song Smack My Bitch Up by The Prodigy. It is known that different tracks and vocals were sampled and altered in the process of making the song. But just how many samples and to what effect?

Ukranian music producer, Jim Pavloff, managed to put together an authentic recreation of the song using Ableton Live. He started by recreating The Prodigy’s original process using more modern software. He then copied, pasted, stretched, cleansed and manipulated the samples and original synth parts until The Prodigy rave hit emerged.

About the author

Tulsa was born on the northern beaches of Sydney but was raised by nomadic, creative parents in Oklahoma, California and Hiroshima. She now lives in France. A grand-daughter of the late best-selling novelist, Morris West, she has been featured as an actress in the short film, Hide and Seek, directed by Fiona McGee and produced by Ruby Smallbone, and was once the face of Milk & Honey’s Designed By Ruby Rose collection.

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