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Newcastle band Goldsmith

Goldsmith are yet another one of the exciting bands that are coming out of the Newcastle, Australia, music scene. We sat down with them to talk relatives, basements, and Dire Straits.

LAEM: Goldsmith is said to be Donnie Goldsmith and friends. Who are your friends?
G: Donnie’s friends are a mixture of blood relatives and childhood friends. By name they are Jackie, Keith, Alan and Dennis – which may or may not be their real names. Either way, we are 5 close human beings who are fairly well in sync with each other when it comes to writing and performing music.

LAEM: I hear you record in your basement. What does that bring to your music?
G: Recording in our basement brings a lot of traction to the writing process. It only takes plugging a few mics into a different interface and we can quickly record what we’ve written and – write from what we’ve recorded. We’ve found that this way the song is served much better. Rather than everyone jostling for a part to play we listen to the whole song a lot more and write and contribute from there.

LAEM: When can we expect an LP or new material?
G: We’re planning a series of single releases at present before we look at an LP. At the moment we have a number of songs recorded. We’re just deciding what to release next. We want our singles to represent a clear progression of work that are complete by themselves but still belong together.

LAEM: Five songs our readers should check out?
G: Five songs that you should check out – and that have inspired us as writers in one form or another – are:
“Say My Name” – Holy Ghost
“Round and Round” – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
“Games People Play” – The Alan Parson’s Project
“Song for America” – Destroyer
“Sultans of Swing” – Dire Straits

Goldsmith are on tour throughout Australia.

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Cormack is a Melbourne based freelance writer and photographer. He loves to travel, drink red wine, and spin records. On the weekends you’ll most likely find him eating pork buns or shaking up cocktails for his friends.

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