Featured Image for Lost Street Art of London: a Lomo series by Gavin Hammond

Lost Street Art of London: a Lomo series by Gavin Hammond

Graffiti and street art have always been transient forms of self-expression. Deemed by many to be mere acts of vandalism, the artists’ work generally exists only for a very short period of time (unless we’re talking Banksy, Bambi or Roa), before being washed away in the next public clean-up.

There is something particularly candid about this type of art created far from the public eye, in backstreets and alleyways. It’s as if it holds a dirty mirror up to our society. Gavin Hammond, whose favourite subject is the capital of England (we posted his London in Puddles series earlier this year), surely feels the same way. In his lomo series Lost Street Art of London, he has made it his mission to capture the hidden face of the city, knowing full well that in a few weeks’ time, most of it will be gone.

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