Featured Image for Shepard Fairey’s latest mural project

Shepard Fairey’s latest mural project

I was with Shepard Fairey this summer creating art for The London Pleasure Gardens. His trial was still pending, which I am sure was causing him some stress and also creating a distortion lens for his art career. Most talk about Shepard had been about his celebrity or his public foibles eclipsing his artwork.

Now that these things have found their resolution, I believe it is a good time to have a fresh look at the art, more specifically, his murals. His most recent murals are nothing less than epic. Using a new technique of large scale stencils, these new pieces now have longevity. He stays within the boundaries of the law and uses his own resources to finance the murals, making it easier for communities to greenlight a new mural. Shepard has found a balance between expression and commerce, individuality and the public good that has put a new wind in his sails and new art on our walls.

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