by Cheyenne Tulsa in New Art on Saturday 13 October 2012

David Reeves is a photography major who didn’t want to be photographing out in the Canadian cold. So as his final project for school, Reeves used some construction paper, an X-Acto knife, and a few lights to create a cinematic series of cut-out silhouette photos.

The characters in the photos are based on his favourite comic books, movies and videogames, where he traces off his laptop or TV. He then transferred the tracings to black construction paper, cut the figures out, and glued them to different surfaces (including Nag Champa boxes). ‘Everything is jury rigged’, says Reeves. For gun smoke, he uses cotton balls, and clouds are made out of paper towels. If he needs fog, he uses a little incense smoke, and for scenes with grass, he uses paper clips with paper taped to it. The process usually takes Reeves 6-8 hours for one photograph. ‘It has to be quick and dirty’, he says, ‘Because my cat can jump up and annihilate everything’.