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Typewriter keyboard-shaped waffle iron

What’s better than eating a keyboard-shaped waffle for breakfast? Not much. Chris Dimino created this waffle iron from an old typewriter keyboard. The waffles come out of the iron in the shape of a keyboard, which is perfect for any breakfast-loving nerd.

UPDATE: Here’s an excerpt from our interview with the creator of this quirky machine. [you can read the full interview here]

You created The Corona-matic for an exhibition years back. Where did the bolt of inspiration come from for the idea to make a waffle maker out of a typewriter?
I think it just came from a lot of doodling and putting my thoughts on paper as I tried to come up with ways to re-purpose a typewriter.

In the case of the Corona-Matic, I didn’t have the actual machine in front of me, so I just kept drawing typewriters over and over- breaking them down into their essential parts. Many hours and days later, in a quick sketch of a keyboard, I loosely made cris-crossing lines that kind of resembled a waffle, and that’s when it hit me.

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