by Low Lai Chow in New Trends on Friday 12 October 2012

What do you get when you mix crochet with Cthulhu? Haha, we’re loving the meeting of both worlds: a yarntastic 25” crochet Cthulhu ski mask that will ‘fit most adult males’, that’s what you’ll get. Jill, a self-confessed ‘compulsive knitter’, is responsible for this great monster knit. If you know of any babies who are cool enough to sport Hellboy, Batman, The Riddler, Captain America, Spiderman, Dalek, Yoda or R2D2 baby hats, well, she has them for sale on her Etsy store too. Face it, adults: you’re too old to want to be a giant crime-fighting bat. Stick to your grown-up facial tentacles instead.