by Tanja M. Laden in Tech on Wednesday 3 October 2012

You know those ugly, clunky air filters that take up too much space and just sit there like the bland, utilitarian items that they are? Consider them a thing of the past, because Rabbit Air makes sleek, sexy, slim, and super-quiet HEPA air purifiers with optional wall mounts, customizable filter packs, and — get this — attractive designs that turn each unit into a work of art.

You can opt for the simple black or white editions, or get creative with the Artists Series, featuring a wide range of stylish designs that elegantly merge form with function. There’s also the Paul Frank edition; a special Breathe Pure for a Cure edition; and Rabbit Air’s brand-new Peanuts series, which promises to appeal to both kids and kids-at-heart. Whichever design you choose, consider Rabbit Air a wise investment — replacement filter packs run about $75 a year, and the whole thing is totally worth it.