Featured Image for Zombie presidents of the United States by Jeremy Plemon

Zombie presidents of the United States by Jeremy Plemon

Brain-eating politicians, why not? Thanks to Illinois-based artist Jeremy Plemon, you can now look at past US presidents looking pretty disheveled and slightly unhinged in full zombiefied glory.

Plemon even posts helpful descriptions about every president’s unique devouring tendency on his Etsy shop: Zombie George Washington’s victims can ‘expect multiple blows from his trusty Hatchet of Truth’ while Zombie Abraham Lincoln, disgusted with the current state of Illinois politics, is driven by patriotism to ‘reclaim his great land for good, relentlessly feasting on the brains of all that stand in his way’. We wonder how Zombie Obama would look… oh, of course, someone’s been there too.

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Low Lai Chow travels light and is working on exercising demons from her past. Find out more about her at lowlaichow.com.

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