Featured Image for Er, a smart sex toy for long-distance lovers

Er, a smart sex toy for long-distance lovers

We are not quite sure what to make of this. The LovePalz sex toy by Taiwanese company Winzz purports to be the ‘the most exciting accessory in iPhone history’. Well, it certainly takes motion sensing technology to a whole new, er, base. The wifi-enabled invention comes in two parts.

They have names too: Zeus is the male sex toy and Hera, the female sex toy. It gets a bit technical from here, but basically Zeus and Hera helps its users simulate real-time two-way copulation by automatically syncing the sex organs’ actions and reactions. The project — which happens to have been formerly unsuccessful on Kickstarter — is also apparently not a hoax and now available for pre-order as a pair for US$94.95. As we’ve mentioned, we’re not quite sure what to make of this.

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