Featured Image for Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff, Wales

Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff, Wales

Third Floor Gallery is positioned above a convenience store and was opened by a group of friends dissatisfied with the lack of galleries in the Welsh capital of Cardiff. With no funding and no money, the gallery has turned into one of the premier photo galleries in Europe. Month in, month out, these guys manage to put on exhibitions by established photographers like Martin Parr and Larry Fink, and also the up-and-comers, such as Ewan Spencer, with his revealing project on the London grime scene, Maciej Dakowicz, rummaging the streets making pictures of pre- and post-clubbers in Cardiff’s city centre revealing the UK’s deserved bad reputation after a few alcoholic refreshments. Cardiff isn’t the best city, and it’s certainly not the worst, but it’s definitely worth a visit if only for a night out or to visit the Third Floor Gallery.

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