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Intricate miniature sculptures by Alan Wolfson

Alan Wolfson is upset that there are too few efforts to preserve New York’s architectural past. So, being a Brooklyn native, he shrinks into tiny hand-made sculptures. Each work, much like a doll-house, depicts a different grimy New York block, each with a story of its own. ‘There are never people present’, Wolfson observes, ‘only things they have left behind: garbage, graffiti, or a tip on a diner table, a half-eaten hamburger. The real impact of my work is not in how small everything is but in the stories these small things tell’. Using mostly plastic and cardboard, Wolfson works on each piece for months at a time, obsessing over complex interior spaces and lighting effects. There’s a haunting feeling to them, a glimpse of something long gone. To see more of his work visit his website.

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Tulsa was born on the northern beaches of Sydney but was raised by nomadic, creative parents in Oklahoma, California and Hiroshima. She now lives in France. A grand-daughter of the late best-selling novelist, Morris West, she has been featured as an actress in the short film, Hide and Seek, directed by Fiona McGee and produced by Ruby Smallbone, and was once the face of Milk & Honey’s Designed By Ruby Rose collection.

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