Featured Image for New illustrations by Israeli artist Galia Offri

New illustrations by Israeli artist Galia Offri

Galia Offri is an Israeli artist. Her paintings and drawings are made with markers on paper. The marker’s tones, light and colorful, are mixed together with a dark and psychological voice. The Women-monsters that are portrayed in this series of nine drawings are nonfunctional, ugly and bare to foreign eyes. Nevertheless, they are drawn with tender and gentle line and colors. This ambiguity is often confronted in Galia’s work, where she plays with duality and boundaries. In her recent project, Wikipedia Illustrated, in collaboration with Mushon Zer-Aviv, she explores the boundaries of two disciplines: paintings and illustration, where she explores new possibilities for creative subjectivity. Her work has been published in the New York Times and Haaretz among other publications, and has been exhibited in New York, Europe and Israel.

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